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Hi, I’m Nicole

Leadership Strategist | Speaker | Trainer | Facilitator | Coach

…and I’m a true believer in everything you bring to the table.


I know as a successful woman seeking to move to a higher level, things can get tough out there. Even if you’ve ticked the right boxes (the college, the career, and maybe even the family you dreamed of), there are still times you feel foggy about the future.


I’ve seen it for myself with plenty of successful women, especially women of color. A sense you’re not where you should be—feeling unsatisfied and unseen—but without a road map to find a way out. In fact, I once felt that way too. I loved the work I was doing, but felt like something was missing, that is, until I invested in myself. 


Here’s the thing—you are your own way out. There’s something inside you already willing and waiting to guide the way.


But I know harnessing your inner power can be scary when no one’s taught you how. I built my career as a service leader—years as an attorney in consumer rights, in finance developing affordable housing, as a nonprofit manager, and as a professor and mentor for community-minded law students. So I know firsthand how to advocate on someone’s behalf, develop action-based strategies for clients, and give rising leaders the tools they need to reach the next level.


And I can do the same for you—stand in your corner as I help you step into your power…and step up your leadership potential.

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