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Work With Nicole

Are you an ambitious, high achieving woman looking to get unstuck, get focused, and build the confidence and leadership skills necessary to accelerate your professional growth?

Is your organization looking to close the gender gap in its leadership pipeline?

You are in the right place!

Coaching Programs

Choose a program that fits your lifestyle:

Businesswomen Walking in Hallway

Are you a leader on the rise looking to influence and inspire?

Then my private coaching programs are made for you, especially if you want results like the following: 

  • Clarity on what it is that you really want in your professional life.

  • To identify your strengths, passions, and superpowers and turn them into the most authentic leadership path and career options for you.

  • Confidence to advocate for yourself in your workplace, change careers, apply for leadership roles, or become an entrepreneur.

  • Actionable goals that are anchored in your vision and purpose. 

  • To gain new insights, ideas, and perspectives on how to tackle your professional challenges.

  • Refine your leadership skills. 

  • A motivating leadership action plan that provides a framework for your success. 

  • An expanded professional network! (Group coaching and individual one-on-one coaching available)


Does your organization want to think beyond the latest “diversity and inclusion initiative”?

I can help your organization bridge the gap.

Consulting, Training, and Facilitation  
Does your organization yearn for a more meaningful conversation around issues like the gender gap in your leadership pipeline? Or opening the line of communication with rising talent?

Is your leadership team meeting or manager's retreat in need of an expert facilitator to keep you on track and on topic?

With a background in law, business, nonprofits, and education spanning 20 years, I can provide customized solutions comprised of results-oriented consulting and training targeting your rising leaders and high-level managers. As a facilitator at your next leadership meeting or retreat, I will empower your group to achieve impactful results.


Keynote Speaking  

Let’s give your audience practical tools they can actually use. I can customize leadership development keynotes for your audience.

If your corporation, college, law firm, nonprofit, or organization is hosting an event or conference and is looking for a dynamic, engaging speaker or moderator let’s talk about the possibilities! 

Check out my TED x Talk, "Everyday People Can Be Everyday Leaders" 

below. Please share it and "like" it on YouTube! 

Consulting, Training, and Facilitation
Keynote Speaking

Leadership is a verb.
Take action. 

Training Courses
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